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Principal Investigator

11237_10100290686259221_4837845_nDr. Jörg Bungert: Principal Investigator
Interest: LCR and globin gene interaction

“I earned my Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics from Philipps-University in Marburg Germany for work on the characterization of erythroid specific transcription complexes. In 1992, I joined Doug Engel’s laboratory in the Department of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Cell Biology at Northwestern University, where I studied the developmental regulation of the human globin genes. I joined the faculty at the University of Florida in 1998.”

Graduate Students

Yong Shen_JSJ_6JJ6435_meitu_1

Yong Shen: Graduate Student
Interest: Gene therapy for beta-thalassemia
Project: Using synthetic zinc finger proteins to reactivate fetal hemoglobin gene.

“I feel very much excited working on fetal hemoglobin gene reactivation possibly as a potential therapeutic strategy to relieve the severity of beta-thalassemia. The main rationale is we want to up-regulate fetal hemoglobin as supplement for the defective adult hemoglobin in anemia diseases. I am also serving as bioinformatician to analyze RNA-seq, Chip-seq, 4C-seq etc.”

Aishwarya Gurumurthy: Graduate Student
Interest: Epigenetics regulation of expression
Project: To understand the structural and functional role of LCR Hypersensitive Site 2 in globin gene regulation.

“I have completed my Bachelors in Biotechnology and Masters in Medical Biotechnology in India. I worked in National Institute of Genetics in Japan for a couple of years to acquaint with new technology and techniques in molecular biology. I joined the lab in June 2016 as apart of Genetics and Genomics graduate program. I am looking forward to have an exciting and interesting research ahead and hope to discover something novel in the field of gene regulation.”

Eliot Gunn: Masters Student
Interest: Molecular, Proteomic, and Bioinformatic approaches to Hematopathology
Project: TBD

“I completed my B.S. in Biology from UF, including a minor in Innovation, before matriculating to my research position at the CGRC. I’m fascinated by a number of topics within Hematopathology including genetic malformations, hematopoiesis control, and epigenetic modulation. I’m excited to integrate these interests and the techniques I’m learning into my thesis project.Connect with me on LinkedIn

Lab Manager

BlancaBlanca Ostmark: Lab Manager

“I am originally from Venezuela. I have been living in Gainesville for 25 years. I got my B.S. degree in Agronomy from UF in 1986. I have worked at UF as a technician for about 10 years. I love Gainesville, its people, and the Gators.”

Undergraduate Students

               Shaleen Thakur

  Paul Wassel III

Cameron Guy

  • Maclean Bassett

Past Lab Members 

Mir (2)

Mir Hossain: Graduate Student

Graduated: May 2017

Current Position: Post Doctoral Research Fellow at Boston Children’s Hospital Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Harvard Medical School


    Rukiye Nar: Exchange Visitor


Alex Xiucheng Fan: Postdoctoral Associate                                                                           Current Position: Post Doctoral Associate at University of Central Florida


Jared Stees: Ph.D. Graduate

Graduated: 2016

Current Position: Adjunct Professor at Santa Fe College


Joeva Barrow: Ph.D. Graduate

Graduated: 2013

Current Position: PostDoctoral Research Fellow at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute


pamPam Chamales: Masters Graduate

Graduated: 2013

stephStephanie Morton: Masters Graduate

Graduated: 2013

Current Position: Dartmouth Medical School

lindaI-Ju Lin: Ph.D Graduate

Graduated: 2010

ShermiShermi Liang: Ph.D Graduate
Current Position: Postdoctoral Researcher at University of Florida with Dr. David Reisman


Zhuo Zhou: Ph.D Graduate
Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow at NIH with Dr. Gary Felsenfeld